Vice President of North American Sales

Company Name:
Mimecast N.A.
Serve as senior executive leader in charge of all sales and marketing activities, departments, and personnel for North America. Drive revenue generation and utilize strategic analyses to refine sales processes and build optimal performance teams. Work with executive team to develop strategic go-to-market plan for the entire North American division. Provide strategic leadership to the operations of the sales department while maintaining focus on the companys strategic goals. Attract, retain, train and motivate a diverse sales force. Utilize standard measurements that focus on actual sales, profitability, and growth percentage within each sales unit. Ensure that sales managers maintain a strong pipeline of new customers as a key indicator of future success expectations. Create a disciplined, process-oriented sales operation that is consistent with companys growth, culture, and evolution. Monitor and analyze sales and market trends to assess the long term sales trends and review prospects for future revenue growth and new product areas. This position requires 40% domestic and 10% international travel.
Requirements: Bachelors (or foreign equivalent degree) in Business Administration, Management or a related field and 4 years of international sales and marketing experience at an executive or managerial level. Experience must be in selling and marketing administrative or consulting services, or technology. In lieu of a bachelors degree the employer will accept 2 additional years of international sales and marketing experience at an executive or managerial level.
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